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  • SADDLER’S is a brand that was established in the mid-60s in the province of Parma, producing leather accessories with the care and craftsmanship typical of Italian leather goods, whilst following the changes in this industry over the generations, and striving towards excellence in its products.



    Saddler’s “Made in Italy” belts are produced entirely by hand using the excellent materials chosen by our designers. In addition, dedicated lines also result in the marketing of your brands, thanks to the work of our staff.



    Saddler’s bags are “Made in Italy” and are produced in different sizes and models, thus becoming stylish accessories or, at the same time, useful articles thanks to their handy design.



    Saddler’s wallets are “Made in Italy” and are produced entirely by hand in different sizes and models. Men of today are excited by the small details on our leather goods which enhance the level of work and experience that have always characterised our company.



    Saddler’s leather goods are “Made in Italy” and are produced with clean lines and extreme attention to detail, propelling the product into a market segment characterised by quality and elegance.